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Wedding Room Blocks

Wedding Room Blocks in Columbus, OH

Our room blocks are designed to help make you and your wedding party’s stay as comfortable as possible during your visit at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center. Discover which block-type is right for you by reading on below:

Courtesy Block 

With a courtesy block, the hotel will hold a maximum of 10 rooms per night.  Once those room nights have been reserved, the hotel will add additional rooms, based upon the overall availability of the hotel.  With this option, we can only guarantee the number of rooms originally contracted although we will do our best to accommodate any additional rooms requested.   

Attrition Block 

With an attrition block, the hotel will hold the number of rooms requested by the group. The group, in return, will be responsible for using at least 80% of the room nights in the block.  If the room nights actualized fall below 80% of the contracted number, the group will be responsible for paying for the additional room nights, plus associated taxes, up to the 80% of the contracted block. 


The shuttle is booked on a first come first serve basis and is based upon availability.  A form must be completed through the hotel sales or planning office to guarantee the shuttle.